Privacy Policy

Akbari Mandi Online is aware of the need to protect the personal information you provide to Akbari Mandi Online while making use of the site and mobile apps.

You will find below a summary of certain principles of the Protection of Personal Information Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”).

The following principles govern our collection and use of your personal information:

● Personal information is only gathered with your consent;

● Personal information is kept strictly confidential and secure;

● Personal information is only used for the purposes

○ Your location information to make delivery to your address.

○ Your phone number and email to verify your identity and to send details about your order.

○ This information may be used to send promotions.

You may have access to your personal information upon request. Akbari Mandi Online collects no personal information concerning you while you are surfing the site. Certain information is collected automatically whenever you access the site, but none of this information identifies you personally.

Among other data, Akbari Mandi Online notes the domain name and IP address used to access the site as well as the type of browser and system you are using. Akbari Mandi Online uses this non-personal information that it collects for statistical purposes, to keep track of the number of visits to the site with a view to continuously improving the site.

Akbari Mandi Online may use any and all information collected on the site for promotional and advertising purposes of its products and services and/or those of its suppliers and partners.

Please note that Akbari Mandi Online collects certain personal information if:

● You sign up to or if you already are registered to the AKBARIMANDI.ONLINE program; or

● You willingly subscribe to a specific service, including if you use the transactional site and you provide such information. For you to subscribe to Akbari Mandi Online, you must provide your name, e-mail address, mobile phone number and certain other information. All this information will be used solely to personalize your visit, allow you optimal use of the site, to provide you with electronic coupons, to provide you with offers and advertising from Akbari Mandi Online, its suppliers and partners, and should you so wish, to send you information by e-mail or via sms.

You can also ask Akbari Mandi Online to delete your user profile by contacting 's customer service at the following address:


● +92-304-1110055

Please note that you cannot unsubscribe from receiving transactional emails or sms regarding an online order you made.